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I am departing this blog effective immediately. I really thank the end users who had helped me ID models and gave me a resource that I thought I would never find.

I do have suggestions if you were to ask

  • Too many options. I am the last to whine about "clutter" (because the ones who do, aren't thinking straight) but there are way too many subtopics and super subtopics, which is a common error in designing web boards like this. Especially in the Victorias Secret. I suggest to the admins that you do a better retention in archiving those sections
  • Too much acvitity in the wrong locations. There is some busy topics and busy subtopics and while some of us are posting Kohls or Aeropostale cuties, there are others posting Victoria Secret gods in the same section. There's too much traffic and too much and in this case it can be overwhelming to some
  • Model ID. I am aware there is a page for us to find the models ourselves, but it isn't designed effectievly, and as such I don't want to contribute to redudant data or bandwidth (because there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth or storage). And in my own case, I had done Model IDs where I didn't need to because the directory was a little cumbersome to sit and find.
  • Also Model IDs get locked ASAP once there is a name (in some cases they were inaccuarately IDd, which caused me to wave my arms and hands to an admin to unlock. Again these get moved into another thread which makes it harder to find and gets added to a pile of clutter, in my own objective opinion.

Again, I hope you take these suggestions to help your site become better. I'll be on other boards/groups.



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Why can you respect such request?


Do you ever fear lawyers? I shouldn't have to get an IP attorney to honor my request.


If you have no desire to be a part of BZ in the future, that's fine - members are free to come and go as they please. But I'm afraid we don't delete accounts under any circumstances. Past content goes missing and, as I'm sure you can appreciate, maintaining continuity is a must on a discussion forum.

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