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  1. Why can you respect such request? Do you ever fear lawyers? I shouldn't have to get an IP attorney to honor my request.
  2. I'm online at the moment, because I realized I didn't wipe this account out back in Feb. I was unable to do this on my account settings and since the admins typically dictate a lot on this site, can I dictate you to wipe this account down? Much appreciated, Straightfashionguy
  3. I am departing this blog effective immediately. I really thank the end users who had helped me ID models and gave me a resource that I thought I would never find. I do have suggestions if you were to ask Too many options. I am the last to whine about "clutter" (because the ones who do, aren't thinking straight) but there are way too many subtopics and super subtopics, which is a common error in designing web boards like this. Especially in the Victorias Secret. I suggest to the admins that you do a better retention in archiving those sections Too much acvitity in the wrong locations. There is some busy topics and busy subtopics and while some of us are posting Kohls or Aeropostale cuties, there are others posting Victoria Secret gods in the same section. There's too much traffic and too much and in this case it can be overwhelming to some Model ID. I am aware there is a page for us to find the models ourselves, but it isn't designed effectievly, and as such I don't want to contribute to redudant data or bandwidth (because there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth or storage). And in my own case, I had done Model IDs where I didn't need to because the directory was a little cumbersome to sit and find. Also Model IDs get locked ASAP once there is a name (in some cases they were inaccuarately IDd, which caused me to wave my arms and hands to an admin to unlock. Again these get moved into another thread which makes it harder to find and gets added to a pile of clutter, in my own objective opinion. Again, I hope you take these suggestions to help your site become better. I'll be on other boards/groups. Thanks Straightfashionguy/Steven
  4. god, she's still underrated here? I suppose we are the only fans of her.
  5. I like Bellazon to see beauty, if I want to see someone's PR I am competent on using a search engine and go from there.
  6. I like you Hayley, you are very beautiful and I like your posts, and you grown to be a beautiful young lady, I got one little concern: can you at least tone down your self promotion? I like you, I just can't tolerate the semi-spammy posts. Steven/Straightfashionguy
  7. I've registered on this board about 6 or so months ago not knowing names and likeness of various models. I've found this site a great resource! I'm leaving this board for the time being. I don't have much down time like I used to, so I will be leaving this board for at least in the distant future. Now I have some information, I think I can go and look for myself. Again this wouldn't been accomplished if a search engine didn't point me here. Thanks to all and goodbye (for now)
  8. ADMINS: Can someone please unlock this post? Someone jumped the gun and assumed the model was ID'd in which if you looked at the last reply - I was still skeptical. Again I request that this thread of interest to be unlocked, escalated back to the Model ID section until we get another source to verify its Jenny Albright. Its not logical that suddenly she would be a client for Kohl's given her other experience. Again can you please to this little favor? Thanks
  9. BTW: The last reply on that tread was by me, and I had a skeptical tone. Can some admin please escalate the thread back to the Model ID and unlock it to get another user to confirm it. Thanks again!
  10. Is there a possibility to unlock this thread? I would like additional confirmation of this Model ID, only one user replied, and I would like additional sources to back up this Model ID. Thx
  11. Does anyone know the name of this model? She models for some of the juniors line at Macy's
  12. Opps, I thought you were talking about Tamiris Souza Freitas, I got the two brunettes mixed up They seem to blur at times! Jenny Albright seems to be more likely
  13. I meant that I agreed with your observation about the over Ps editing. Her bust is severely shrunk, and that's a notable trademark of her. The only reason why I was a little skeptical, is that she modeled for Aeropostale, American Eagle and other similar clients. Kohl's is a different type, and I'm quite surprised shes doing things of Kohls..
  14. I don't think so, unless its severely photoshopped here this she is - from the Kohl's website
  15. I used the search engine and that's not her. Its someone else!
  16. the image is native @ 4mb maybe something crapped out on your end? I am able to view it. I took this via my iPhone when I was at my local Kohls on Saturday, there might be an image of her on their website, didn't look tho.
  17. Anyone know this dark-haired model for Kohl's Rock & Republic line?
  18. I don´t simply understand why you are discussing something you have no idea about. It reminds me of this one: A:Hey, what do you think about dinosaurs? I´m not very into them, you know, they are so loud and noisy and like, so so huge. I´m not interested in them anymore. B: Dinosaurs are extinct. A: Oh. Sorry, I haven't followed VS for a few years. I know they have gone over the top in sexualizing their brand, and I live in an area I hear about Giselle on an often basis where I get easily numb about her (her husband plays American football in my locale.) moreover, that last statement - are you implying that I am a retard? because if you did - you DID go over the top and you should be ASHAMED .
  19. You've gone over. I'm offended by that statement. Moderator - delete this thread Asap thx
  20. I wasn't aware she left. That shows how I haven't paid much attention. I didn't watch it the other night. I was already asleep!
  21. The one thing I have noticed the last few years over ellaborative the production is. Do fashion shows really have like "technical directors" and producers talking into ones ear like how some TV productions are done? It's too fast paced and there seems to be no substance other than inferior lingerie they are showing off inbetween the overproduced production.
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