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Models/Celebrities who *may* have had Plastic Surgery


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DISCLAIMER: This thread is not intended to bash or denigrate anybody; It is to be an open forum of discussion and speculation for the purposes of education of a topic that is taboo yet extremely prevalent in pop-culture around the world.

Okay. Does anyone notice the hush-hush culture of pop-culture figures often refusing to acknowledge or admit to cosmetic work even when it is very conspicuous and sometimes the elephant in the room?

Can we just go there? TIME TO BE REAL!!!

Post before/afters of people you SUSPECT have had work done!

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Isabeli Fontana had breast augmentation early in her career; shortly after she gave birth to her first son. I wanted to find the 'before' photos but couldn't :mellow: (or just didn't research enough, let's be honest) Then again, I don't think she modelled a lot before giving birth to her first child, if I remember correctly, she became a mother at age 18? Maybe 19...

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Oh, I didn't know that about Jourdan... when I saw her name here I thought "well, she had a baby so..." but in that golden dress her breasts look fake. I don't really think it's only 'thanks' to the dress' cut/shape.

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