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What made you smile/laugh today?


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3 hours ago, SympathysSilhouette said:

Ramsey Bolton in the books is more dark and sinister even than in the show. And I would also say that he is a bit smarter.


I haven't met Ramsey yet but I think I will soon.


I am really liking the large amount of new information about each of the characters.  The show did not cover a lot of it.


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Some of the actors were cast like the book, some were not.


It seems like Stannis, Jorah, Ygritte, Mance Ryder and Davos do not look like their book versions.  In particular Mance's personality is different from Caesar's.


I am currently enjoying the Lady Catherine and Jaime Lannister content.  There is much more here.  The Theon, Sansa and Arya stuff has been very expansive compared to what is in the show.

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The Westeros wikia has book-based illustrations that demonstrate how some characters look different from the show.  In particular Cat Stark is supposed to be much younger than in the show (well into her 30s) and good looking.  This makes Jaime's jokes about her make sense.  The show Cat Stark is way too old.


Stannis is supposed to be sickly and seemingly 'drained' by his association with the Red woman.  Tywin has sideburns.


Tywin Lannister | A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki | Fandom


Catelyn Stark | A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki | Fandom

Jorah Mormont | A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki | Fandom

Roose Bolton | A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki | Fandom

Stannis Baratheon | A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki | Fandom

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I finished the slaver-unsullied portion of Storm of Swords. It's a great segment, much more extensive than the show.   It reveals a ton about the unsullied so they make a lot more sense.


In the book the slaver is depicted as being comically gross, really cartoonishly funny.  The show version is too tame.

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