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Music of 2013


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^No :blink:

Speaking of them though, I just came back from the Big Day Out and drank in some tasty hour-long sets from Vampire Weekend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foals and Sleigh Bells :chicken:

First time seeing all of them too, which was a plus. Their new stuff all sounds great too, which bodes well for their upcoming albums.

Sleigh Bells were as awesome as they were loud (hint: they go up to eleven). I got front row too, which was kind of easy with the crowd thinned out by RHCP playing at the time. And my word, Alexis.. talk about your HAWLFs :woot::woot:

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^Extremely cool! :thumbsup:

Was anyone else aware that Rostam and Ezra were both a part of Dirty Projectors (according to Wiki)? :o

Vaguely remember reading that somewhere. I don't think they ever appeared on a Dirty Projectors recording, but they were both a part of the touring band at one point or another. Dave Longstreth was supposedly the one who got Ezra into African music. :hehe:

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So, what do we think of the new Strokes tune, then? I always feel like Albert and Nick are criminally underutilised on their more synth-driven stuff, but I've grown to like this one. Very odd but incredibly addictive as well. :)

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I've been really liking what I've heard of Foals's new one so far too.

Of Monsters and Men did a fantastic cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Skeletons on the radio last Friday. Still hasn't shown up on Youtube yet, but you can see it here -> [clicky]

So excited so see them at Laneway this weekend too, especially since they initially weren't coming to this side of the country. + Bat For Lashes and Alt-J = another winning year for the festival :drool:

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New James Blake :Dinah:

(1:07 for song)

So I just got back from Laneway.

Bat For Lashes. Blew. Me. Away. :chicken:

She looked so beautiful, and sounded even better - I was so impressed with how flawless her voice was. Her opening of Lilies will stay with me for a long time post-19363-0-1446185200-03676_thumb.gif

Alt-J were incredible too - highly recommend catching them live when you get the chance.

Of Monsters & Men and Divine Fits were other highlights. Chet Faker and The Ruebens were pretty good too :)

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