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New... LOVE your SITE!


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Hello to everyone... I just LOVE this SITE!!!'

Thank you for having me.

I have many different fashion catalogs I have accumulated over the years. Many are very rare. From Porto Banus to Victoria's Secret, Spiegel, Boston Proper, Newport News etc... that I wish to share with everyone.

Please name the BEST image host you like. I would rather not use TinyPic if at all possible being that I see so many deleted images from them. Imagevenue is prolly most known but they have a tendency to remove files as well. I was thinking ImageBam but I'm not sure, so give me some input!

I hope you all enjoy my posts. I certainly enjoy yours!

Best Regards,


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Hi wendylorene and katchitup! I like both ImageBam and PostImage as well. I do want to stay away from an image host that doesn't delete it's pictures. It's a real let down to view a thread where a certain was used and half of the pictures are missing. TinyPic and ImageVenue are notorious for that. Thanks for the suggestions!

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I used all kinds of imagehosters;imagevenue, turboimagehost, Imagebam,imgbox,imgur,tinypic,etc.

After all,I mostly concluded to Imagebam[the best for me,fast and pics safety is guaranteed,also it's good when the family safe content option is used]

Also,I use imgbox alot [though annoying as it had some down times,also always get you signed out after uploading pics]

and imgur for single picture posts[it's so fast].

Welcome aboard, :wave:

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Hi, I'm new too. Welcome Perrin123. This board looks great indeed :nicole:

I've been using many image hosts in the past. The old hosts relied on the fact that they could afford the software, hardware, bandwidth and disk-space, so they could bombard us with porn ads, popups and even viruses. Today it's much easier and cheaper to set up an image host, so there are many good new comers.

I don't have something against porn in general, but I don't like it when it's forced upon me and many image hosts give me a porn bombardment when I view an image. Besides that an image host should be fast, reliable and have many features. I understand that image hosts have ads, but there should not be too many (or the ads should be blockable). So here's my list (see my signature also):











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