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  1. Okay, got it now, thanks for looking!
  2. I'm going to use this space for a test as to how an image is posted via "postimage.org" please bare with me as to find the idea how I want future images posted...
  3. Yes, Kayte Steinmetz looks a LOT like model #002 but Kayte was born in 1989 and the catalog pic is definitely 2004, which would make her 15 years old for that pic. 002 looks quite a bit older, maybe late 20's to early 30's.
  4. Hello to you ModelKnowledge and thanks for your help. The catalogs are from 2002-2004 so they are at least 10 years old. I'm going to check on your suggestions. At least I have a few leads now.
  5. Hi wendylorene and katchitup! I like both ImageBam and PostImage as well. I do want to stay away from an image host that doesn't delete it's pictures. It's a real let down to view a thread where a certain was used and half of the pictures are missing. TinyPic and ImageVenue are notorious for that. Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Thanks Parisien... I will use "imgur" as per your advice.
  7. Thanks maddog and many thanks to your reply. I hope I can keep up with the posters here.
  8. Hello to everyone... I just LOVE this SITE!!!' Thank you for having me. I have many different fashion catalogs I have accumulated over the years. Many are very rare. From Porto Banus to Victoria's Secret, Spiegel, Boston Proper, Newport News etc... that I wish to share with everyone. Please name the BEST image host you like. I would rather not use TinyPic if at all possible being that I see so many deleted images from them. Imagevenue is prolly most known but they have a tendency to remove files as well. I was thinking ImageBam but I'm not sure, so give me some input! I hope you all enjoy my posts. I certainly enjoy yours! Best Regards, Perrin
  9. Hello to all! I'm new here so please go easy on me. I have a number of Boston Proper Catalogs that eventually I would like to post scans of, but in the meantime I would enjoy getting a few model identifications. These may be a bit hard being that they are from 2002-2004. It's been a long time since I have posted to a forum so I hope I'm doing it right. THANX!!! I'm posting two pics of each model... 001: 002: 003: Regards, Perrin
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