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Elite Model Look 2012, BZ's Winner


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Alecia from Cape-Verde

15 years old, 175 cm/5'9''

I would love to live and work in Paris, the capital of fashion! That's why I want to be the best I can, and give everything to this Final. It could be such an amazing springboard for my whole career.

I remember reading magazines when I was a little girl, dreaming it would be me one day, but I've always had many other interests and hobbies, which I think are essential to lead a balanced and serene life: I love dancing, being with friends and working out. I'm passionate about fashion and medicine, which are closer than you may think!


Lina from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

14 years old, 178 cm/5'10''

Yes I live in paradise, or at least a little island famous for its turquoise waters and white sand beaches… And I was discovered in 2011 when EML competition came to select models for the regional finals held in Trinidad and Tobago.

Can I get any luckier?

Becoming a model will open doors for me, and it’s the opportunity to make a positive impact outside of modeling, whether it be fighting for different causes or supporting charities that try to make a difference. I think my bubbly personality brings out a good energy, and I dream of Tyra Banks’ career, I grew up looking at her.

001f2dcb.jpg 001f2e0f.jpg 002034a8.jpg 0020355d.jpg
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