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I'm 5'8", about 135 pounds. I gan't gain weight... honestly, for a month, all I did was sat around and ate, to see if I could gain...and not a single pound!!!!!! It's bull. We did a fat fold caliper test a while back, and I had 4% body fat... freaking crazy.

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Don't feel wierd. I have a super fast metabolism. I'm pretty much justa freak. It mainly has to do with all teh skateboarding, soccer, and martial arts. I swim and workout almost every other day. Really the only reason I want to gain some fat is so I can get bigger. I have Bruce's body style. Not NEARLY as cut as he is, for he was the man in every aspect. I am cut, and dense, but not huge.... I was talked to my sensei about taking creatine or somehting, and he is totally against it. He wants me to be more dense, which means breaking more cynder blocks with my elbows, and breaking branches with my forearms and shins. That crap hurts, but it looks cool and give you an adrenaline rush!

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