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Victoria's Secret Stores National Brand Conference 2007

It took place in Florida. Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale, I cannot remember

ldf4182d0c904a54fa8511e.th.jpg l164098d8cc68194b2ec10f.th.jpg l27192c6b062513b74c4608.th.jpg

la76892971c6d59a5543b57.th.jpg la1e959667b69f0d62d182d.th.jpg l0397cc9098b78c52fc948a.th.jpg

lc0e7350bb776ad68e6e563.th.jpg ld2df84a6e9f0e1b4aa2045.th.jpg lfd7912c806ec76a78d8cef.th.jpg laa0990d0034e1357b990b0.th.jpg l036ac95336b5641611f073.th.jpg

My Favorite One of All. Adriana Groping The Fabulous Pat Sanderson:


Source: MySpace

I am still trying to convince someone who was the the conference to fork over the pictures she took. Wish me luck! :)

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^ I wasn't there :p My boss was though. She and all the other Store Managers get to take a picture w/ Adriana <_<

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sorry if these were already posted




Super Bowl XLII - Giants 17 v. Pats 14

th_1a34fa28719524.gif/monthly_03_2009/post-16352-0-1593849317-4209_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="Super20Bowl20116.jpg">


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