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Just now, 3500 said:
She's stronger than she looks


Those are 10lb plates and sumo deadlifts are one of the easiest deadlift varieties you can perform. Most women barbells weigh 33lb, so Taylor is lifting a total weight of 53lbs (or 24,4kg) here, which is (probably less than) half her bodyweight. Most healthy women of average fitness levels can easily work up to lifting their own bodyweight in a deadlift. For comparison, Daisy Ridley of Star Wars fame could already lift 80kg (176lbs) in a deadlift 2 years ago. (might be more now). 


Not knocking her training, because the goal for models like Taylor is to be toned rather than strong, but yeah, I'm pretty sure all of you could do this pretty easily. 


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2 hours ago, Doobie333 said:

10 lb plates? Seriously? Ever been in a gym before? The larger plates are 45 lbs. the smaller could be 10’s and the bar possibly 45 lbs. She could be lifting 155. Numerous reps would be excellent for her weight.


Look at the video- lol- it says 10 lbs.  The standard ones are 45 pounders.


This is a full lower body exercise, it's not like she's curling this much.


anyway she looks very hot :drool2:

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