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Doutzen Kroes


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I both love and hate Doutzen, she was just so effin'd good back in the HF days 2005-2007... I had like a silly crush on her back then, pathetic I know haha.

Nowadays she's all about VS *sigh*.

Please refrain from derogatory remarks about models as well as racist remarks. ~ This post edited by JoeKnight

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SS10 Blumarine

snaps from us harpers bazaar /Thanks to Xerq- SS10 /kito09

:drool: i like it !!

she deserves to have a big high fashion campaign

im happy she got this one :)

i remember in the doutzen kroes documantary in 2006

the blumarine designer said: she is elegant, she has personality and she's beautiful.

she loves her :)

this campaign will be in the important vogue magazines /like vogue italy ... i hope steven meisel and the rest of vogue italy team will like the blumarine campaign and put doutzen in their vogue magzine again :)




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