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  1. {name}

    The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    @Kevork89 oh, I thought it's never a bad time for a pizza still do... (unless you are a model preparing for the VS show)
  2. {name}

    The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    @Kevork89 I hope yours will be as good as mine (just finished the last piece)
  3. {name}

    The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    I was just referring to your quote on the instagram repost: “This is what Jasmine was eating a day ago just FYI.” .. Maybe I got it wrong? I don't care what the models are eating at all. Chill out, have a pizza, or...whatever... I don't even know who you are. Randoms don't seem to care anyway Have a nice weekend everyone!
  4. {name}

    The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Taking photo of a pizza (or any other food) doesn't mean she actually ate it, btw.
  5. {name}

    The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Behati has never been thin???
  6. {name}

    Izabel Goulart

    Woohooo! Sooo happy!
  7. {name}

    Camille Rowe

    Yesss! So happy for her! Great surprise VS!
  8. {name}

    Izabel Goulart

    Great news I really hope she does the show again and give it some class
  9. {name}

    Robin Holzken

    Finally some new adds after the “bra only“ sessions She's becoming my new favorite! tnx for posting
  10. {name}

    Emma Stone

    Thanks for the updates, I LOVE Emma!
  11. {name}

    VS Model's ID

  12. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    I think it's Taylor Hill.
  13. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    1. This (if it's the same model right? 2. Looks like Andreea Diaconu, but it's not
  14. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    Thank you!
  15. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    Who is this lovely brunette? Thanks!