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  1. @Kevork89 oh, I thought it's never a bad time for a pizza still do... (unless you are a model preparing for the VS show)
  2. @Kevork89 I hope yours will be as good as mine (just finished the last piece)
  3. I was just referring to your quote on the instagram repost: “This is what Jasmine was eating a day ago just FYI.” .. Maybe I got it wrong? I don't care what the models are eating at all. Chill out, have a pizza, or...whatever... I don't even know who you are. Randoms don't seem to care anyway Have a nice weekend everyone!
  4. Taking photo of a pizza (or any other food) doesn't mean she actually ate it, btw.
  5. Behati has never been thin???
  6. Woohooo! Sooo happy!
  7. Yesss! So happy for her! Great surprise VS!
  8. Great news I really hope she does the show again and give it some class
  9. Finally some new adds after the “bra only“ sessions She's becoming my new favorite! tnx for posting
  10. Thanks for the updates, I LOVE Emma!
  11. Thaanks!
  12. I think it's Taylor Hill.
  13. 1. This (if it's the same model right? 2. Looks like Andreea Diaconu, but it's not
  14. Thank you!
  15. Who is this lovely brunette? Thanks!