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Who should be a VS angel?


who should be a VS Model?  

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  1. 1. Who should be a VS model?

    • Bar Refaeli
    • Anna J
    • Kate Upton
    • Emily Didonato
    • Other

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Who do you think should be a VS angel? Now I know they all have different deals with Vs, either with VS not wanting them or the models not wanted to be a VS angel, but the question is which model really captures the essence of being a VS angel and should be one?

What do you all think?

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other: I think Alyssa Miller would be a good vs angel because she is freaking sexy, and that is all what vs is all about been sexy,

I also think Kate Upton could be a good angel because she is sexy, fun, flirty and cute and all that would also work perfect for vs because that is what men like.

but my first option is Alyssa Miller so my vote goes to other.

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Somebody with tits and ass who is not a blonde :whistle:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I can't believe other is losing :ninja: . I'm somewhat torn because other is the obvious choice unless one of those is your favorite in general (and none of them are mine :ninja: ) but at the same time since other is losing, I don't know whether I should just vote for the one of them I like the most just to stop the one I like the least from winning it :ninja: .

All that said...

Kate or Bar would do well. To me Bar easily has the best body up there and third best face behind Anna and Emily. Kate has the second best body there and her and Anna have far and away more personality and charisma than Emily and Bar have.

Ana J - I would actually be disappointed if she came to VS because to me her current work is way better :ninja: but that's my bias since I prefer high fashion work of course.

Emily - to me she is better for VS pink since she's pretty but has the average model body (aside from being healthy) and has no sex appeal of any kind.

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who is Anna J btw?

anna jagodzinska. Shes walked for VS 2009.



it is easier to follow with a full name.

still I would like to see Emanuela DP :p follow or as given by Vanessa Valerie Van Der Graaf

talking about stereotyped chicks, I think VS should change

from using their stereotypical "photoshop look" in all the pictures.

Something more unique or creative than their current standard...

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