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It looks much better to me so far than the last few years. I thought Izabel, Shanina and Adri stood out for me. Izabel just keeps rockin' it! I'm sorry about Anja because I've always loved her in HF so maybe she better stay there. Doutzen was lookin' amazing. The faces that are pretty new to me, well, I'll have to see if they grow on me. I'm not gettin' the hype about Karlie whatsoever, but that's no put down, just my opinion. I need to find a reason to get as pumped about her as everyone else. I thought Anne V looked better than I've probably ever seen her look. Joan Smalls is really very, very pretty.

I'll have to see the show and then make a judgement because some of the girls looked very blah to me and I was left scratching my head but it's not the same as seeing the whole show as it is edited and produced . Does look like they put more thought into the costumes this year.

Overall, it has much more promise than the shows of late. I'm glad they had to walk in some of the shoes and I didn't....that takes talent to maneuver some of those sky high babies!

I must have missed it but who is the girl with the inner tube around her a**? I'm not sure I'm gettin' that one. I should know her name but it escapes me so help me out on that one, will you? someone?

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The :dontgetit: moments :laugh:

Didn't realize Nicky Minaj was that short. It's funny though, because wearing whacky outfits like that is normal for Nicki, but the VS girls only wear stuff like that once a year.

Next to 5'11 Erin in stripper shoes, many would look short.
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I think from all the models this year that Shanina Shaik stands out the most, she has an exotic look.

I also Lais Ribeiro, Chanel Iman, Doutzen Kroes, and Miranda Kerr this year they look pretty. I haven't seen no picture of Erin Heatherton yet.

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