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Tori Praver


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Thanks, Sweetandlow, for the call for more pics of Tori :) !

Thanks for answering her call, Dirrty and Hyperion!

I love that pic of Tori surfing from her first site.

When you see how athletic she looks in whatever she wears, it probably is the result of riding all those waves for so long! I wonder if she picked up snowboarding while living in the Northeast. She'd be a natch. And those abs and over all muscle tone. . . :drool:

I especially love how she can go from sexy to soooo sweet in the last two pics posted by Dirrty.

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Wow, Hyperion, your creativity is always amazing! :) I absolutely love your elements chart, especially with Tori at #2 and the fun descriptions of all the models you chose.

Any time soon, it seems we may be celebrating our Muse's five-oh, not necessarily as in Hawaii Five-Oh, but five-oh pages for Tori's growing presence here on Belazon that reflects her growing presence in the fashion industry. :wave:

Congrats to Tori and the fan whose post brings her to fitty, 50! A Model Milestone indeed. . . :fun:

Thanks soooo much! While the thanks are going out, I must say and may have said at some point, the comments on Tori's pages are quite positive.

Just as each of you has, I've been through many of these model pages and more than a few have such venomous remarks about the model herself!?!? And, of course, comments that denigrate other models work their way in, too.

It's always refreshing to come to Tori's pages to see her amazing self and read good stuff about her, her fans, and even other models. :p

Thanks, Tori fans, especially, for making it fun to visit these pages! :wub:

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OMG! :drool: I'm so glad to see you back, Steve. :hug: Our pages kinda' "dulled down" while u were gone. I was gone, too for awhile so I'm sooooooo happy to see all the new action.. YIPPEE~ :ddr: :ddr:

Thanx for all your hard work and all the pix and dang!, you are creative!!! :heart:

I think Tori has gotten even more beautiful. Did I think that was possible? Noooo, but I think she has indeed. :wub:

I'm like Lancelot, your sig and avi are woweee, wow, wow!!!!!

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Boy, Hyperion!

What a Midsummer Night's Dreamy bunch o' pics and day dreamy, too! :)

If Sweetandlow loves your contribution, then it has to be good!

The different outfits really show that Tori has always been able to wear a variety of styles and clothes. :p

I'm sure I can speak for the rest of Tori's fans as we look forward to your next work of art, be it your model element chart or presentation of Tori pics.

I do remember your creations prior to your departure, and I am as glad as Tori's fans and Sweetnlow to have you back :laugh: !

Thanks again for sharing your creativity! :p

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^ You're welcome. Work of art might be a stretch but I generally do put some hard work into my stuff. Nonetheless, I aim to please. Hopefully I can make at least one post a day for the next few weeks.

I tried to clean this image up and remove the unsightly text. If I did a good job, then you shouldn't be able to tell that text used to be there... Of course I see all the little flaws, that's why I made the brighter version too.


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