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  1. ^ Thanks posted by unipine @ Tfs:
  2. Two things: 1.) A wallpaper 1200x1600: 2.) I made these as an experiment for the tile feature of the desktop wallpaper. If you tile these images, they look pretty cool. For example, my desktop:
  3. Another wallpaper. Enjoy!
  4. Yeah, I'm back. Just wait until I actually make the complete periodic table... I started one before but I got confused as to how I should categorize it and gave up :/ Thanks for the kind words :)

  5. ^ You're welcome. Work of art might be a stretch but I generally do put some hard work into my stuff. Nonetheless, I aim to please. Hopefully I can make at least one post a day for the next few weeks. I tried to clean this image up and remove the unsightly text. If I did a good job, then you shouldn't be able to tell that text used to be there... Of course I see all the little flaws, that's why I made the brighter version too.
  6. ...and a few "larger" resolution images. Maybe I'll have time to crop some images from the actual catalog images in HQ res tomorrow.
  7. Some low res images (also from www.quelle.fr):
  8. Quelle Spring 2008 Catalog (www.quelle.com) I found these while looking for some Tori Praver pics. It appears that they both model for Quelle now.
  9. "Larger versions" from most of the previous pics. (370x500 pixels)
  10. Smaller Pics (270x365 pixels) also from www.quelle.fr
  11. Quelle Spring 2008 Catalog (www.quelle.fr) ...with Bree Conden too. I'll paste the smaller images later. And maybe cropped images tomorrow
  12. ... it was only a matter of time.
  13. A few more from the Goldenpointe site. Apparently you need to go to the italian version to find her pics. But these ones weren't posted...
  14. I didn't see this pic on the page so I scanned it
  15. It's been a while and I guess we lost some posts so here -- nothing great but it'll do.
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