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  1. Tori Praver

    Babylola used to keep this fansite up really well: https://www.facebook.com/ToriPraverFans Try typing Tori Praver Fansite into FB's search field. Maybe she doesn't keep it up anymore.
  2. Tori Praver

    Thank you again for breathing new life into Tori Praver Nation her BZ pages!
  3. Tori Praver

    Thanks sooooooooooo much for posting these pics of Tori. She looks as healthy and as strong as she did a decade ago!
  4. Thanks for your latest Tori Praver posts! I have followed her since January 2007, I think. She has a lot of love in her smile, in her cute family, and in her BZ followers!

  5. Tori Praver

    Sanja! Thank yooooooooooo for posting these pics of Tori and her cute, cute peanuts ! The Summer Solstice, or the longest day of the year, has already gone by, and the days are already getting shorter in the northern hemisphere! Thanks to you, the fearless leader of Tori Nation has returned to grace BZ pages and radiate more sunshine 24/7, whenever someone looks at Tori's BZ pages and sees her perfect Chiclet smile. She and Danny, as I have said, have been so gracious to share pics and vids of their lives on Insta. Your post shows, that Tori's aloha spirit and healthy approach to life have not changed since she became the youngest Guess? girl a . . . decade ago or so! Whoa!. Tori can still go from adorable to striking and sexy from one pic to the next. Hopefully, because of your post, Tori's fans will be on the look out for more of her recent work and return to her BZ pages. And maybe, Babylola, who created such an amazing FB fansite for her will be back at that, too. Thanks, again!
  6. Tori Praver

    Happy Birthday to the fearless leader of Tori Nation, the bestest Mama Bear, brainiest businesswoman, the Alohaest Angel, and caringest spouse! Thanks for sharing your cute family's lives on Instagram!
  7. Tori Praver

    I wish she had! I don't think she is . . . voluptuous enough for them. Maybe they'll see the error in their ways!
  8. Tori Praver

    Happy Hawai'i Three-Oh, June Bug! Tori Nation misses you on you BZ pages ! Thanks to your and Danny's generosity, however, your fans can keep up with you guys on Instagram and Babylola's FB Fansite for you. Congrats on yours and Danny's second baby over whom Ryan Mahina will keep a careful watch. Tori Nation citizens know you will wrap your long, capable arms around your beautiful family and keep them safe and show them a great deal of love 24/7/365.
  9. Elsa Hosk

    I first saw Elsa with Tori Praver in Gorsuch's upscale catalogue. I had no idea who she was then. Her eyes are killer (shape, "angle," wide-spaced, color). The rest of her long, lithe basketball-toned body is amazing, too! Did I mention glowing skin? She looks like a picture of health from head to toe.
  10. Tori Praver

    LenoreX, I had almost given up on Tori Nation :grouphug:because no one is posting pics of Tori. Thanks so much . I was just catching up on her, Ryan, and Danny on Instagram where they graciously share so much of their lives. I then wistfully and absentmindedly scrolled down this BZ page to tell Tori Nation citizens to check out her Instagram pics. And then . . . I saw your amazing posts. :dance: Thanks for breathing new life into Tori Nation .
  11. Tori Praver

    Tori Nation should check out the renaissance of Babylola's FB fansite. It is as amazing as it was before, and it has been updated. Like Tori, Babylola is truly a Renaissance Woman. Tori looks has amazing as she always has, and she is an amazing mama bear ; there are plenty of cute, cute pics or Ryan Mahina. She and Danny seem so at ease with each other and their cutie on Instagram. I feel selfish to say that I am glad that Tori has been modeling again. I have no idea how she balances family, Tori Praver Swimwear, and modeling. She continues to be an inspiration to everyone. Of course, her own mama bear, Lori, is a tremendous help . Thank you Babylola!
  12. Tori Praver

    Because Ryan Mahina and her parents split time between Malibu and Maui and other places, this Malibu "Maui Miss" would be a great bike for her. She wouldn't need training wheels because of the surfer genes from both her parents .
  13. Tori Praver

    Happy Father's Day on Sunday to Danny Fuller!
  14. Tori Praver

    FYAmusement, some useless but hopefully fun trivia: 365 Days of Amazing Trivia — 2015 Page-A-Day Calendar Thursday, June 18, 2015The name of what popular perfume was inspired by a ring England's King Edward VIII gave to Wallis Simpson, the U.S. divorcée for whom he gave up the throne? Answer:Eternity by Calvin Klein. Klein named the perfume for the diamond ring, inscribed with the word eternity, that Edward VIII gave to Mrs. Simpson before they married. In 1987, a year before Klein launched the scent, he bought the ring at auction for his then-wife, Kelly Proctor.
  15. Tori Praver

    Happy Birthday Eve Day to Tori Nation's kind and fearless leader!