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The O.C.


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Credited cast:

Peter Gallagher .... Sandy Cohen

Kelly Rowan .... Kirsten Cohen

Benjamin McKenzie .... Ryan Atwood (also as Ben McKenzie)

Mischa Barton .... Marissa Cooper

Adam Brody .... Seth Cohen

Chris Carmack .... Luke Ward (2003-2004)

Melinda Clarke .... Julie Cooper-Nichol

Rachel Bilson .... Summer Roberts

Tate Donovan .... Jimmy Cooper

Show Description:

During its first season, "The O.C." crossed over from teen drama to pop-culture phenomenon as it followed the lives of the two families in Orange County, Calif. Sandy and Kirsten Cohen welcome a troubled teenager, Ryan Atwood, into their home. He quickly bonds with their son, Seth, and the proverbial girl next door, Marissa, to the chagrin of some of the snootier denizens of Orange County. Sandy, Kirsten and Marissa's parents, Julie and Jimmy, have problems of their own as well.


http://www.fox.com/oc/home.htm - official site

http://www.ocfiles.com - fan site

O.C. Tv Tome Episode Guide

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