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Alejandra vs Alejanda


Alejandra Gonzales Daly vs Alejandra Alonso  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Prettier

    • Alejandra Gonzales Daly
    • Alejandra Alonso
  2. 2. Sexier

    • Alejandra Gonzales Daly
    • Alejandra Alonso
  3. 3. Better model

    • Alejandra Gonzales Daly
    • Alejandra Alonso

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Alejandra Gonzales. :heart: ( ^ I can't see the images you posted. ) :blink:

post-42047-0-1446025576-8414_thumb.png post-42047-0-1446025576-89255_thumb.png

Same problem here. I had to google their names to compare the two....a bit of work <_<

I voted for Alejandra....lol Alejandra does not say much....so uhm I meant gonzales

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I can't see pics either...


Alejandra Gonzales Daly


Alejandra Alonso-she is one of the models I think of when I think sexy, while the other Alejandra is one of the models I think of when I think of who has a pretty face

Better model:

Alejandra Alonso -only because so far she has more versatile work.

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Same as sarnic for the same reasons :yes: though I must admit I'm glad for this poll because I thought they were the same person actually and had just gotten married or something :ninja: . Not necessarily because of looks mind you, but because I'm so bad with names :blush: .

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