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Marisa Miller

bar none

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You mean of other models??? I think he scanned all of the Marisa ones from the magazine and I post them already.

So there is only one Hi-Res scan of Marisa with the body paint?

In the magazine there was only one picture of Marisa with body paint :(

The only other model Neo scanned was Tori Praver. He did not scan Daneille or Ana Paula.

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The photo no Marisa fan seems to have - I asked about this photo a while back. It's one of my very favorite pictures of her, and since I still have yet to find it on the net, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask again. Someone is actually currently selling the trading card version of it on ebay (the photo circled in the image below). I know it appeared as a trading card in select versions of the 2004 swimsuit issue as well as the 2005 page-a-day calendar. If anyone has one they can scan or a copy of it on file, please please post. Thanks in advance.


For you!


Very nice Thank You :D

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