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  1. She's on the cover of the May 2008 issue of Women's Health Magazine. Anyone know?
  2. Nope, I am 100% of this. I saw her on it two years in a row, and this was how I first found out about her. I didn't google it (Summer Beach Bash) until about a year after I saw it, and I didn't come up with anything about it either, but there is no question. It was her. However, thanks for clearing up the BDSS thing. Now it makes sense why I haven't seen any pics or vids of it. Anyways, with the SBB thing, it was 2002, just when Marisa was starting to get a name for herself in SI, so it's likely you might never find anything attaching her name to it. She was just co-host where she interviewed bikers and skateboarders after their runs, so there wasn't really much to capture. However, it was intriguing nonetheless, and I thought I'd ask about it.
  3. I realize that it's highly doubtful, but does anyone have any media (images, video footage) of Marisa's work as a sportscaster? I know my 1st time seeing her was back in 2002 (hence my username) when she hosted the Summer Beach Bash on one of the major networks, a skateboarding and bicycle competition I believe it was. Many have talked about her being on the Best Damn Sports Show, but I have yet to catch any of that programming, and no one still seems to have recorded any of that. Would this be a completely frivolous inquiry? If anyone has anything of this nature, please share. Again, thanks in advance. Sorry, I always seem to ask for too much, but it sure is nice when I can find rare treasures such as this.
  4. For you! I don't have to tell you nine is my new favorite number. Took my breath away when I first saw it. Didn't think it would now coming after such great 2007 si pics, but it still does. Thanks a marisazillion. It's really a huge huge deal to me that I have this one. Thanks again...and again...and again....
  5. yes, i've checked that and just about everything else. the only place it's available, it seems, is as a low quality image on si.com as part of "create your own poster" (seen below) and as a scan from one of those other two places. pink, you've got just about every marisa pic out there. if you don't have it, i guess no one does....maybe in one of aldago's folder uploads that's too big for me to download? have you seen it on the web b4 or the MMC?
  6. Wow...and/or any of these...gosh that second one is just ridiculous
  7. The photo no Marisa fan seems to have - I asked about this photo a while back. It's one of my very favorite pictures of her, and since I still have yet to find it on the net, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask again. Someone is actually currently selling the trading card version of it on ebay (the photo circled in the image below). I know it appeared as a trading card in select versions of the 2004 swimsuit issue as well as the 2005 page-a-day calendar. If anyone has one they can scan or a copy of it on file, please please post. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks a lot pandora. I wasn't crazy after all.
  9. nah, actually I obtained a picture of the magazine off ebay, bc I couldn't find it anywhere else, to illustrate which issue I was referring to. however, the more I look at it, the more I think it is her. being a marisa fan, i've never liked jessica, but if it is her, she at least has taken one good photo. props. lol. thanks rouge. i'm gonna go throw up now.
  10. Any idea who this cover model is? Hope it's not Jessica Simpson.
  11. Does anyone know who the model is on the cover of Fitness magazine for January 2007? This is the biggest picture that's available right now without a scan, but if anyone knows, I would really appreciate it.
  12. I stumbled across a picture of this beautiful brunette in an ad for Apricorn hard drives in PC World magazine. I've been looking for about a year for the identity of this model but have been unsuccessful. It's probably inevitable that her identity will remain a mystery to me forever, but since she might possibly be the most beaufitul person I've ever seen, if anyone knows or can find out, I would greatly greatly appreciate it.
  13. Thanks Surfer for the help. I had been through all the pages once b4 (when I couldn't get rapidshare to work on my computer), and I knew it was already posted, but when I went through all the pages again (when I finally got rapidshare working), I couldn't find it (maybe bc my dialup connection didn't load up all the pictures like it was supposed to). Thanks again.
  14. Could someone please repost the video to this screen cap on rapidshare or direct me to what page it was previously posted? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Anyone have this video (available at www.celebritymoviearchive.com) or any video of Marisa (not already available at si.com) that they can upload on http://thatvideosite.com? The usual video uploading sites just aren't seeming to be working with me but thatvideosite.com seems to be working perfectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Aldago, can you please copy and post the mms:// link for the Marisa vid? I can't save the notepad file for the life of me, and rapidshare doesn't seem to work either. I would really appreciate it if you can.
  17. Better versions of some old posts (downsized hqs) An old favorite
  18. Does anyone have a better version of this picture? I've been looking for one for over a year, so I guess I should go ahead and ask about it here.
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