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  1. Different models, same nacionality.

    laetitia, aurelie
  2. I AM the Biggest fan

    sorry not a fan of tyra, so heidi
  3. Celebrity elimination game

    2. Anja Rubik (2) 4. Daria Werbowy (6) 5. Natasha Poly (4) 9. Hana Soukupova (5)
  4. Different models, same nacionality.

    leah no doubt
  5. General Discussion

    yes i second that
  6. Natasha Poly

    Yes, but they are at least 3-5 pages apart grrrr, oo how did i know you were going to say that... they are 6 pages apart i think. fine you win.. i give up trying to catch you screwing up
  7. General Discussion

    so i think we came to a pretty good conclusion she has relatively small boobs but she looks gorgeous with them ps small boobs are much better (more desirable) than big boobs... just my opinion
  8. Celebrity elimination game

    wow im sorry but that was so dumb What was so dumb about that? <_< that you two just kept alternating for 20 minutes so she would win. :persuazn:
  9. Celebrity elimination game

    wow im sorry but that was so dumb
  10. Marisa Miller

    im surprised that izabel has the most views
  11. General Discussion

    damn. i dont have a TV. if all commercials were for VS, i definitely wouldnt mind them as much though
  12. Bar Refaeli

    thanks for the video... we definitely dont have all of those pics
  13. Celebrity elimination game

    1. Cheryl Cole (3) 2. Petra Nemcova (6) 7. Katharine McPhee (1)
  14. Natasha Poly

    thiago posted the second picture 5 days ago, and i think ive seen the first as well i had to call you out on a repost but thanks PC, i love these pics anyway