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this one is used to threaten members, mainly Barry and red_ed >>> 01177fn.gif

^ persuazn called you red_ed too :laugh:

how times change :yes:

:rofl: indeed! and Barry is not with us anymore :cry:

this is quite random.....all of you

quit it before i throw some bans around


you're evil! :o

ban James :shifty:

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It was originally called "hell yea", but the Pope complained about the blasphemy, so we had to remove the word hell. Unfortunately this confused a lot of members, and angered the irreligious, so we opted to cater to both parties.

A similar thing happened when William Shakespeare was inventing the English language. He made a word 'commence', but some very religious people complained about the suggestiveness of the word 'commence' so he added another synonym 'begin.' Unfortunately, some early copies of the English Language had leaked out, and authors were already using the word 'commence' ... hence, both were kept in, even though they are strictly synonymous.

At least that's what I heard, anyway.

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