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I'm new to the scene and I'm wondering about the proper usage and etiquette for emoticons.

For starters, what is the meaning of the ninja smiley? :ninja: I've seen it used a number of times, but haven't been able to figure out it's meaning based on context. And why is one smiley killing another smiley :magic: considered magic? When would you use the trout? :trout:

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i was hoping someone else would answer this coz i dont really have a good answer :rofl:

ok sooo :magic: is called magic coz :kill: was considered much too harsh :laugh: j/k but i think its coz one of the smileys has a wand in his hand haha. :trout: should be used when someone makes a silly mistake...:ninja: can be used for just about anything i say

usually though, when you've said something aloud that perhaps you shouldnt have :laugh:

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So :ninja: doesn't have a single universal meaning? That makes me feel better about not knowing what it is. :hehe:

Is the trout :trout: used under different circumstances than avada :avada: ?


:avada: seems angrier than :trout:

:trout: is would be akin to "silly rabbit tricks are for kids" whereas :avada: is more like "damn you to hell!" or "take that!"

this is a fun topic, never really stopped to think what any of these actually mean :laugh:

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Here are the meanings to the following emoticons:

:trout: : I think you need a spanking for that comment, but since I have this fish...

:ninja: : Fear me

:blah: : You hurt my feelings and I don't like you any more...whatever.

:clobber: : You think that's funny? I'll show you funny.

:knives: : My name is Nicole and I will cut you.

<_< : Yeah, right...I'm watching you.

:magic: : Here, let me burst your bubble for you. hehe.

:wave: Hi.

Hope this helps. :)

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