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I'm just curious, how many of you girls go tanning? :)

I'm from the tropical rainforest,so there is no need.. really :ermm:

chicken... the more roasted the better :evil:

BTW Moiselles, i really like your new avi and siggy... I didn't know almudena but now i'm glad she's in the BZNTM competition :)

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:yuckky: I absolutely NEVER go tanning. My skin freckles and spots really easily, and I want to avoid wrinkles. I used to tan a lot, but people like Liv Tyler and Nicole Linkletter finally made me realize I look just as pretty when I don't abuse my skin...

but still, sometimes I wish I was naturally golden. :(

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Personally, I avoid going in the sun without a UVA/UVB SPF 30 sunscreen. Tanning looks nice temporarily but when I get old, the liver spots, freckles, wrinkles, and scaley skin will be not worth it. Not to mention the fact that you get most of your propensity for skin cancer in the future before the age of 18! I do use tanning lotions though.

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Sunbathing isn't good for your skin no matter what complexion you have. Use the fake stuff. Spray on, that moutiruzer slow bronzer stuff, whatever! (has never tried either of these, feels her freckles will disappear if she does)

I use a ton of sun block. A tun. On cloudy days, in the middle of winter. And when the sun's shining and I'm out, I reapply every two hours. Seems silly now, but I'm 23 and have been doing this since I was 16. When I'm 50, my face is going to look fabulous.

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