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Rumor has it...


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OK, so I've noticed that sometimes the person above thread gets a little out of control...lies spreading everywhere about the people above lol

so i thought maybe this would be a good idea. in this thread, you make up some crazy ass rumor about the person above. make it fun and silly! and as far from the truth as possible so no one gets offended ;) if you dont like crazy crap being said about you or are easily offended, stay out of this thread!

ok so the format of your reply should look like so:

Rumor has it [insert person above's name here] [insert crazy rumor]

example: Rumor has it OriginalSin shacked up with Derek Jeter and now has a scorching case of herpes

:whistle: :laugh:

you get my drift. ok have fun! :p

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Rumor has it OriginalSin, after being cheated on by Capt. Snow, decided to spread all over the internet pixies of capt wearing a french maid outfit and being spanked by her, dressed with a leather catwoman outfit (which she forgot would be an embarassing situation for her too)

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