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Megan Fox


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I love this. I think you make an excellent point, the most amazing women have "hot" bodies and "innocent" faces. This reminds me of that famous quote about that French actress (forgot her name right now!), how she had "the face of an angel and a body of whore", and that was the best combination. I agree!!!

^ Oooh, such a beautiful face... Oooh, such horrendous outfits!

I agree, I liked Megan more natural. She was always gorgeous, and she still is, but she's lost her " prettiness" in exchange for pure sexiness. Obviously, that's not exactly a BAD trade off, but Megan really was a very, very pretty girl. Now she's a very, very sexy one. This is probably just me talking from a personal annoyance, because men always say I'm " so sexy" becuse I'm slim, curvy and mediterranean, and I wish they would say " pretty" more often, like delicate and sweet. I think the best looking women in the world are sexy AND pretty. Laetitia Casta and Marilyn Monroe, for instance, had\have amazingly sexy bodies but really innocent, sweet face. it's a killer combo! Megan had this sexy and cute thing going for her before... now she's all sex! lol! She's still got a sweet personality, though.

I think this Odette Yustman is sort of like a more subtle version of Megan. But Megan has something special, with or without surgery. No denying it.

P.S: The "man" rumors can only be expected really. If any woman these days is too over-the-top sexy, people think she's a drag queen. So stupid. Like these skinny journalist guys would go up to Megan's face and call her a man! Lol!

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Megan Fox Talk New Flick


:blink: Someone has been powdering their nose.

Um. I've done Coke..... that's all I'm saying, and if it's not on coke, she's on something that you smoke from a pipe. (which is ok in moderation)

Bring on the "omg no, Megan wouldn't do that" or "She's just trying to get lipstick off".... for 4 minutes people? Or wait, chances are someone's going to say "Maybe she was nervous?" ... seriously, you really think that?! lol /pets

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Lmao she looks like she's tweaking the f*ck out and age has nothing to do with it. Hollywood fell out of that phase a couple years ago, it hasn't been cool to be obvious about being a tweaker in quite a while. Honestly imo she looks like she's either high on E or Coke, and that's from personal experience. She's constantly rubbing her legs, she's rubbing the pillow, (she's quite focused on physical sensation) something quite common with an Ecstasy high. Coke you constantly play with your mouth, your teeth because it gives a numbing sensation.. which she is also doing. It's like candy flipping minus the acid. Honestly though E is generally cut with something, so who knows maybe it's a mixture of both.

And before someone brings up zomg her pupils are small, (going directly against any of those possibilities) the fact is she has a bunch of cameras flashing in her face, ie pupils would adjust, how do you think we avoided the cops, (the flash flashlights directly in your face, it's awesome if you look into a light a few seconds before they do that. you don't look as high.

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