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Lily Aldridge


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1 hour ago, ceceshores said:

I remember that! I also remember reading that she and Caleb try and go watch as much live music as possible in Nashville.


No word yet, but I think she's past her due date at this point. I mentioned Dixie was a week late so it's not entirely surprising that number two is as well. Unless she's already had the baby and they just haven't announced it yet, which would be understandable too! 


Based on her IG story she posted a little bit ago, she might be trying to naturally induce labor by going on a walk (even though I'm fairly sure it's an old wive's tale), haha.

Thanks @ceceshores

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I already loved Lily for her work. She is a fantastic model and her work with VS was particularly great.

Then I found out she skipped out on hanging out with her husband (when they had just met at Coachella) so she could go see Rage Against the Machine. 


Now I see her in a Metallica shirt? :stormy:

I just keep finding more reasons to like her lol

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1 hour ago, Beehive2 said:

Finally, Winston has 4 toes?

Regardless mama is proud to show the world.😍



He has five, it's the angle. His pinky toe is curled under/behind the other one, it's common in newborns to have curled toes. You can see it on his other foot too.


Congratulations to Lily and Caleb! I love the name and I'm sure he's a cutie just like Dixie is. 😍

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