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  1. https://www.savoirflair.com/fashion/454334/bvlgari-serpenti-collection-starring-lily-aldridge At the end of this website you can find new (as I supposed) bulgari commercial. If anybody has any idea how to copy it here please tell me because I gave up trying.
  2. Actually, it doesn't look like a wig...much...
  3. I dont know is it new Definitely new! Q&a with lily And I checked out Bulgari website and there is a new serpenti collection but unfortunetely, without new photoshoot with Lily:( Ps: love her interview about bulgari dangerous woman too she is keeping on working on her first perfume line!
  4. And partying on Capri o
  5. Cfda Lady in red. Again. Pretty earings
  6. Guys thanks for all ads. She looks wonderful after pregnancy. It served to her. Love that make up from gala met, even that red? Purple? Eyeshadow. Flawless skin as always. Any bad taste in it. But her dress hmmm. It's sth what really fit in Cant wait her fragrance line. I, m sure it will be sth sophisticated and extraordinary. Maybe some italian influence?
  7. ÖThanks @ceceshores Is this first picture/ movies of her in social media after she gave a birth to a child? I'm jealous of her pregnancy curves and looking forward her first red carpet apperance or editorial. Ps: Has her LRL contract expired? I've seen shots of other models on LRL insta. Actually it's been one year since she started collaboration - summer, autumn,winter and spring colections. Im wondering what she's gonna do after. I think that we havent seen it yet. Am I right?
  8. ... and she knows principles of good PR. Anyway she'd look great as a Wonderwoman!
  9. lrl old bts and...I found few outttakes source: http://statementartists.com/hair/harry-josh/portfolio/story/649936/
  10. Thanks for all ads. She looks so beautiful New bunch of lrl shots. My faves are in a white jacket. source: ralph lauren homepage and insta Of course, there are some new videos on lrl insta but again I don't want to destroy this page. I have some cute and funny bts instead. and some old bts shot I've never seen before. It comes from adamlippes insta
  11. Thanks @ceceshores I think that Winston can be more like Lily, because boys often look like their mums and girls like their fathers. So I guess Winston has black eyes and hair.
  12. You welcome! I love ch shots too. Especially that one I use as an avatar. I'm wondering if there is a ch queen commercial with Lily included. There is something on the website but I can't copy it here and I'm not sure if this is really Lily or any other model.
  13. These are not that impresive like those before but still worth posting. Quality is not good because mostly I used print screen button to copy it from rl homepage.
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