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Adriana Lima & Ana Beatriz Barros Together

Miss Latina

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Looks buddy buddy to me :drool: :drool:

uhhhh.....hello? How are they not getting along?

its a photoshoot, they have to look like they get along. it's part of the ambiance.

I can see where you're coming from, but if they didn't get along, there would be no pictures of them period. They wouldn't sit together, hug backstage, etc. And when they DO get together (for VS stuff like the Swim book, or backstage like at Zoomp), they do hug and seem to be enjoying themselves :idk: Maybe it's just me, but I think they're friends. Not as close as maybe Ana and Ale are, but Adriana has a lot of things she does that those girls don't.

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fact is, we dont really know if they hate eachother or if they get along or they just dont really know eachother too well to begin wtih to even judge one another. personally i think they're relation between the two is an aquaintance. they're not friends but not enemy's either. just the kind of persons that if they ever saw eachother, htey say "oh hi! how are you?" but arent the kind that goes "oh hey we should hang out sometime!" just my thought on it.

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