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Waxing, shaving, plucking


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I've only every heard of plucking the brows so I figure that's what you mean and I certaintly do that. Although I have had this weird thing done-I dunno-it's with thread.....I guess it started in india and it pulls the hair out and they shape your brows really nicely. And I shave:-/ Waxing is scary.

Here we go. Eyebrow threading. http://touchnglow.dishant.com/eyebrow_threading.htm

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my problem with shaving ... my hair is practically jet black naturally

and because of that naturally .. I shave and then there's a shadow .. and it pisses me off

oh and another thing, can someone give me the low down on brazilian bikini waxes ...

I know what it is, but how bad does that hurt (:o ouch!) and how long does it last ...

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