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Heidi Klum

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The One Thing We Don’t Know About Heidi Klum


It’s always refreshing to see people at Fashion Week that we’ve never encountered before — they're like a celebrity sorbet, cleansing our starlet-weary palates — and Christian Siriano very thoughtfully gift-wrapped some for us at his show on Saturday afternoon. Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, wearing white, snagged most of the photographer attention — she is as tiny and Kunis-esque as you’d imagine, and seemed sort of shocked by the jockeying mob of journalists — but for our money, musician Corinne Bailey Rae looked the best. Her pink Siriano shoes were an unusual pairing with her orange cocktail dress, and the form-fitting above-the-knee frock Siriano provided for her was perfect: "You go into the [studio], there’s racks of things everywhere, it’s amazing," Bailey Rae said of picking it out. "You see all this gorgeous stuff hanging there, and if you see a color peeking out, or a hemline you like, you can try it on. It’s a bit overwhelming." Sounds like a dream shopping spree: all of the retail therapy with none of the credit card bills.

As exciting as the fresh faces were, a couple of other reporters were downtrodden at the prospect of seeing a very familiar one: Project Runway judge Heidi Klum, who posed for pictures with Nina Garcia while making weird hand gestures we didn’t understand — it looked like someone pressed pause while the two of them were vogue-ing — and stood alone in a black cocktail dress with a skirt that was sparkly up top and sheer on the bottom, making it sufficiently revealing for the woman we often think of as being the mayor of Leg City. "I can’t talk to Heidi anymore," one girl sniffed. "I’ve got nothing left to ask her." Her friend nodded vigorously and responded, "I know. If I get Heidi one more time, I mean … We already know everything about her. We know when she ovulates." Well, she might, but we certainly don’t — so if we bump into the apparently omnipresent Klum again, there's only one question to ask. Project Uterus, here we come.


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Cristian Siriano designed a dress that Heidi wore tonite to the Emmy's but IMHO, it would have looked great on someone else......Heidi really needs to think about dressing more age appropriate...IMHO She's still pretty but after her interview, she tried to stay and talk to the camera and make faces....I don't know what's up for her....maybe thinks her "comedy" is funny to everyone and when they are trying to interview the next person that she just needs a bit more time....She's changed IMHO 'cuz I used to think she was one of the best. :blink: I was crazy about her!

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