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I love Candice but, she sucked in the video IMHO ... She was in her "making love to the cam" vibe & it was supossed to be something cute&funny, like all the other girls did. I really really like Candice, but she only has one look these days (the bombshell/sexy) & it's starting to get super annoying :pinch:

The rest of the girls were just adorable, i totally loved the video :heart: Even Rosie was looking cute!

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I found Candice so obnoxious in the Katy Perry video... Everyone is having fun and being cute, because the song is about empowerment and rising above... and this chick is trying to seduce me. Jesus, even Lima understood the damn song and the vibe.

I'm wondering if they didn't give any of them directions and just told them to sing the song and it just so happened they all ended up acting like cute, silly fools and she just missed the boat. I laugh at 0:36 every single time I watch it because she looks like Michael Bay is behind the lense and she's about to tear her clothes off. :laugh:

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This lyp-singing video with the girls is really cute and everything, but... Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of sad because this song is all about being confident, embracing yourself whatever they say, whatever you look like and here, they show these perfect girls working out 3 hours a day to keep in shape... These girls who complexes every woman.

That's my thought :wave:

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