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When it will be possible to see video from CBS? :blink:

After November 30

I'll capture it.......if anyone cares............but I haven't had any response to the vid I posted......... :idk:


THANK YOU FOR THE CLIP... :whistle: but im kinda sick of "the capital and largest city of Peru"

so...for the whole VSFS...are talking 480,720 or 1080p?  :laugh:

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not the f'in slow motion BS again! :yuckky: <_<

Oh, COME ON!!! :cain: You seriously that they were gonna stop doing THAT?! :atoobie: :whistle: It sucks, but I might be able to bear it if they don't overdo it. The part that has my worried is the country section. I hate that whiskey-tango REDNECK SHIT!!! <_< :x :mad:

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