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blackrain, come out of the shadows!


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Surely I'm not alone in wanting to know much, much more about this potentially compelling character. Regular BZ profile hawks may have seen this mysterious member silently observing them and I for one can't take the intrigue any longer! I must know more about you, blackrain!

A few questions that immediately spring to mind...

1) Are you named after the 1988 Michael Douglas/Andy Garcia/Ridley Scott motion picture Black Rain? If so, we have much to discuss!

2) Who are your favourite models and actresses?

Well, that's it for now.

Yours faithfully,


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Baron, its hard to believe your amiable, rib tickling posts haven't enticed blackrain to your fun filled profile page. Oh the enigma of it all!

I must say, I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. I was reminded of its absolute necessity a few nights ago when I heard grunge heroes Soundgarden's comeback single.

The name of the song?

Black Rain.

What could this all mean?

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