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The Walking Dead

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Too bad because I would NEVER fight kiki! lol :p

Because u know u can't win!!



BUT I will make fun of her lapses in taste! :whistle:

Oh yeah? :whistle:




= the missing link between the animal and... the animal! :ninja:

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The Walking Dead - Fireworks to Begin


The first half of "The Walking Dead" season 2 was a bust. It never elevated the characters and it never fully grabbed my attention. But there's some hope, which comes from executive producer Glen Mazzara who was added midseason as the series' new showrunner. I believe his was behind the midseason finale, which leads me to believe the second half could be a major step in the right direction.

Actor Norman Reedus ("Daryl") talked about the show's February revival with Daemon's TV and explained that we haven't seen anything yet...

"I can say that in the second half, after this hiatus, people are done talking," he explained. "It's all kind of firecrackers from here on out. It gets more action packed. The first part of the season, it gets slow when people have to talk. That's just how it works. I think the writers have done such a great job with setting up storylines and explaining them when they need to be explained, not over talking it and not over thinking it. There are certain things that need to be said to keep the story moving and I think they've done a good job with it. I know when people watch the show they go, More zombies. More death.' But you have to do a bit of talking. Otherwise it's Transformers.'"

Bring the fireworks!

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The Walking Dead' Graphic Novel Dominating The New York Times Bestseller List!


After every episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" I repeat the following to myself: "There's always the comic book." While I went from the comic to the series, the show apparently has a huge impact on sales of the trade for those who have never read it. I hope they're prepared for awesome...

According to THR, Robert Kirkman's acclaimed zombie series "The Walking Dead" has taken over The New York Times graphic novel bestseller list. The newest edition of the newspaper's signature sales list will find the "The Walking Dead" holding an unprecedented three of the top four paperback slots and three of the top nine hardcover spots.

On The Times' hardcover graphic novel list The Walking Dead owns the first, eighth and ninth spots. The Walking Dead: Book 1, which collects the first twelve issues, holds the top spot followed by Book 2 at no. 8 and the newest volume, Book 7, at ninth. On the paperback list, The Walking Dead Compendium, which collects a whopping 48 issues in a volume that clocks in at 1088 pages, is no. 1; Book 1, collecting just issues #1-6 in a softcover volume, is in the second spot and Book 3 is fourth. In addition, Kirkman's prose novel The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor, charting the back story of the series' most famous villain, is no. 18 on The Times' bestseller list for all books.

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The Walking Dead Gets Season 3 Boost

While AMC has already announced a third season for ''The Walking Dead'', the cabler revealed that they've boosted the order from 13 episodes to 16! For you bad with math, that's a little over two hours more of undead mayhem.

The second season rose form the dead with monster ratings as the October 16 premiere drew 7.3 million total viewers — a 38 percent surge over the show’s Season 1 average. Nearly 5 million of those viewers fell into the coveted 18-49 crowd, a basic cable record.

Returning February 12, "'The Walking Dead' tells the story of the weeks and months that follow a pandemic zombie apocalypse. County Sheriff Rick Grimes travels with his family and a small group of survivors, constantly in search of a safe and secure home. But the constant pressure of fighting off death on a daily basis takes a heavy toll, sending many to the lowest depths of human cruelty. As Rick struggles to keep his family alive, he will discover that the overwhelming fear of the survivors can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth."

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Michonne Planned For 'The Walking Dead' Future

The Walkinmg Dead" producer Gale Anne Hurd felt the need to clarify which comic star won't be making a cameo in the final episodes. :/

"We are following the character development of the women in the comic book," she tells The Watercooler. "Andrea is already undergoing a change in her character from a civil rights attorney lacking survival skills already found in some of the men (like the deputies Rick and Shane, or the survivalist Daryl) into someone who can take care of herself. Maggie Greene is a farmer’s daughter who can ride horses better than any of the men, and takes out a walker the first time we see her in the series. And one of the most kick ass characters from the comic book is Michonne, a samurai sword wielding woman, who will be introduced in future seasons."

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