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The New Faces Competition

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Taylor Marie Hill x3

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Can I vote for both? :D They are incredible ladies, but I think that Taylor deserves to win this all and IS going to win. She has great potential.

Looks: Dalia

Potential: Taylor

Overall ability: Taylor

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Finally, we have a winner!

And, beyond any doubt :) , the winner of the 2012 New Faces Competition is...

Taylor Marie Hill

Congratulations, Prettyphile :flower:


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Bellazon’s Top New Faces of 2012

abp9jo0X.jpg accfNTij.png adpJtiGI.jpg

#1 Taylor Marie Hill, American

#2 Dalia Guenther, German

#3 Julia Frauche, French

post-50732-0-1446075962-07468_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-09017_thumb.png post-50732-0-1446075962-11224_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-13309_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-15198_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-18408_thumb.jpg

#4 Frida Aasen, Norwegian

#5 Mathilda Bernmark, Swedish

#6 Sophie Pumfrett, British

#7 Melina Martin, German

#8 Viktoria Halenarova, Slovakian

#9 Sarah Mutch, Canadian

post-50732-0-1446075962-21362_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-22719_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-2662_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-28398_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-31975_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-35417_thumb.jpg

#10 Nadja Bender, Danish

#11 Vanessa Axente, Hungarian

#12 Keke Lindgard, American

#13 Juju Ivanyuk, Ukrainian

#14 Mariana Santana, Brazilian

#15 Lucette Van Beek, Dutch

post-50732-0-1446075962-38668_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-41415_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-44656_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-46108_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-53954_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-57847_thumb.jpg

#16 Katryn Kruger, South African

#17 Josefina Cisternas, Chilean

#18 Jasmine Tookes, American

#19 Larissa Hofmann, German

#20 Bridget, Australian?

#21 My Hertsgard, Swedish

post-50732-0-1446075962-59659_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-63274_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-65485_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-70525_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-73539_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-74488_thumb.jpg

#22 Alice Dellal, British

#23 Kati Nescher, German

#24 Barbara Tatalovic, Serbian

#25 Carolina Thaler, Brazilian

#26 Hanna Wahmer, German

#27 Laura Schuller, Luxembourger

post-50732-0-1446075962-78261_thumb.png post-50732-0-1446075962-8503_thumb.png post-50732-0-1446075962-87541_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-90773_thumb.jpg post-50732-0-1446075962-92595_thumb.png

#28 Hayley Wheeler, American

#29 Sofia Boman, Swedish

#30 Laura Wood, Australian

#31 Zuzana Kopuncova, Slovakian

#32 Gigi Hadid, American

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Excellent competition Single_Lady, I greatly appreciate all the work and effort you put into this :hug:

And without a doubt for me Taylor is #1 indeed. What a lovely beauty :wub:

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Thank you Single Lady


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