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Models Collectors Trade Thread


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Hi Guys,

This thread is for members who collect different material with their favourite model or models.

I think we need this kind of thread in order to exchange our stuff effectively and bring interested people in touch.

I personally collect on Helena Christensen and also have plenty of stuff with other models I would gladly trade.



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1. Please only start threads for models (about a particular model) in the Fashion Model Section :) .

2. Posting editorials, covers and advertisements is the primary focus of the Fashion Model section in general :idk: , so there's no need to take a vote on whether to do it or not :idk: . So, if you mean something else that I'm not getting, please feel free to clarify :) .

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Sorry probably I have not explained myself really well which I apologise for... obviously posting editorials, etc. is the primary focus of Fashion model section, however, the purpose of this thread was to bring together all model collectors who would like to trade their models stuff amongst each other. E.g. I give you my stuff with Karen Elson you give me your stuff with Nadja Auermann.

I would appreciate if you let me know where this thread would fit.

I agree re-Poll and I think I managed to remove it.

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That is a real good idea!! (Y) I have tonz of things to trade (sorry i've already sold my Helena collection) so a thread like this would be real nice :yes:

Dear Joe, I think this thread will be much better in the general babe discussion > Important Topics?

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Not sure this topic is even appropriate for Bellazon. You're talking about profiting off of a non-profit fashion forum. Shouldn't you just post those pictures that you have and share them with everyone? I mean if you're going to sell them I'm not sure this is the right place to be advertising it. :idk: just my two cents.

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Anything profit oriented isn't for Bellazon. So if that's the case it would have to be deleted. But I was interpretting along the lines of people usually post in threads of people they like the most or at least according to their own agenda. And others they do like but for different reasons (not liking the thread or some people in the thread, people reposting their stuff without crediting them ect.) may not usually post from their stash on those grounds, but probably have just as much or more stuff of others they generally don't post of. So if you normally wouldn't post squirrel pics but love puppies and I don't usually post puppies but have a lot of puppy pics I wouldn't have posted otherwise, if you post from your squirrel pics for me, I'll ease up off my puppy stash for you. Now, I could of course have this all wrong of course, so :idk: ...

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Oh come on! I know it's not ebay here! I am not going to post a picture and wait for the best offer :wacko: And I don't think I've advertised anything? :idk: So I am going to edit my post to be sure that no one is going to think that I am trying to make profit over the BZ members... :cain:

We don't want to trade scans but the real thing. Just like : You are a fan of Adriana Lima and I have about 40 editorials with Adriana (I don't! Lima"s fans, this is an example!) and a Lima's fan got a lot of things I want with Laetitia Casta... Wow! Great! Let's trade our treasures!

Some people are perfectly happy with scans and a lot of others (me included) love to have the real thing in their hands. As a collector u always want to have the missed stuff to complete your collection. This will be the purpose of this thread. That won't be an ebay branch...

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I am really sorry what part of this THREAD mentions the word 'SELL'? It says TRADE which we all do here by exchanging our stuff... I just offered to create a venue for people who would be interested in trading their stuff for models they collect on as additionally explained by Frenchkiki... there is no PROFIT involved whatsoever... I hope that's clear now... soon I will publish the list of models I have and would like to trade with people who are interested...

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Vahito got a great idea finally, I do like that coz I myself have alot of stuff that is thrashing my house and I 'd like to have something more interesting to me than the stars I do not collect on. No purpose of money making , just trading for tha joy of fans and there's nothing wrong with this thread on BZ, trading stuff to each other is part of every fan's life. I do sell my stuff on eBay but can also post them here to make a good deal.

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  • 1 month later...

Okay guys her are the names of the models I can offer for trading... the only model I am interested in is Helena Christensen...

PM me if interested... I am not being horrible but pls no time wasters... trading terms are fair... one to one unless something is super rare...

It is says GONE next to the name it means most of it gone and only few pics are left.

1. Kate Moss - in discussion with s1 else but the window is still open

2. Claudia Schiffer - in discussion with s1 else but the window is still open

3. Ewa Witkowska

4. Engie Everhart

5. Leticia Herrera

6. Lauren Hutton

7. Carmen Carmen

8. Amber Valletta

9. Roberta Chirko

10. Christey Brinkley

11. Karen Mulder - GONE

12. Paulina Porizkova

13. Kirsty Hume - GONE

14. Estella Warren

15. Karen Alexander

16. Sophie Dahl

17. Lynn Kostinger

18. Kristina Semenovskaya

19. Rachel Williams

20. Jamie Richar

21. Valeria Mazza

22. Ines Sastre

23. Karen Ferrari

24. Susie Bick

25. Daniella Pestova - GONE

26. Emma S - GONE

27. Tyra Banks

28. Georgina Grenville

29. Carolyn Murphy

30. Emma Balfour - GONE

31. Nadege

32. Bridged Hall

33. Christelle st. l. Augusten

34. Claudia Mason

35. Magali Amadei – Most of it GONE

36. Olga – Most of it GONE

37. Eve

38. Linda Evangelista

39. Cecilia Chancelor – MOST OF IT GONE

40. Janine Giddings - GONE

41. Cindy Crawford – Most of it GONE

42. Estelle Hallyday

43. Veronica Vebb

44. Susan Holmes

45. Nadja Auermann

46. Tatjana Patitz

47. Angela Lindvall

48. Kristina Kruze

49. Trish Goff

50. Gail Elliot - GONE

51. Carre Ottis - GONE

52. Kirsten Owen

53. Stephanie Seymour

54. Eva Herzigova

55. Shalom Harlow

56. Diane Kruger - GONE

57. Shana Zadrick

58. Stella Tennant

59. Honor Fraser

60. Yasmin Le Bon

61. Meghan Doughlas

62. Astrid Munoz

63. Esther De Jong

64. Cordula

65. Christy T – GONE

66. Elsa Benitez

67. Kristen McMennamy

68. Naomi C - GONE

69. Monica Belucci - GONE

70. Michaella B

71. Nikki Taylor

72. Tanga

73. Tereza Maxova - GONE

74. Helena Ch. – Most of it GONE

75. Angelika Kalio

76. Laetitia Casta - GONE

77. Mila Jovovic

78. Yasmeen Ghauri - GONE

79. Heather S-W - GONE

80. Karen Elson

81. Carla Bruni

82. Isabella Rosellini

83. Helena Barquilla - GONE

84. Laura Ponte

85. Yamila Diaz

86. Eugenia Silva

87. Alek Wek

88. Amy Wesson

89. Lida Egorova

90. Rachel Roberts

91. Brandi

92. Jodie Kidd

93. Kara Young

94. Sophie Marie Wilson - GONE

95. Gisele Bundchen

96. Jerry Hall

97. Audrey Marney

98. Genevieve Van Seemus

99. Mini Anden

100. Erin O’conor

101. Magie Rizer

102. Rhea Durham

103. Natalia Semanova

104. Inna Zobova

105. Tatjana Zavialova

106. Greta Cavazonni

107. Vendela Kirsebom

108. Irene Pfeifer

109. Iris Palmer

110. Beri Smither – Most of it GONE

111. Esther Canadas

112. Frankie Rayder

113. Shirley Malmann

114. Aurlie Claudel

115. Tasha Tilberg

116. Rene Simonsen

117. Rachel Roberts

118. Julie Anders

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I'm just wondering why you don't scan what you have, it's the purpose of the forum isn't it, so why not scanning first and post the pictures in the right threads and give them away afterwards <_<

Anyway I can't see anything really interesting :ermm:

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Thanks a lot for your comment 66Lucy but it will take me ages to scan this collection as it includes hundeds of pages. I don't see the need of scanning them if you are not interested in any of these models. Why would you need the scans?

If ayone is interested in any of these models and would like to trade, all they need to do is to tell me and I will be happy to scan them.

I've been trading for a while now and it can be quite dissapointing when someone is just pretending to be interested and wastes your time. This is why I appreciate your honesty even more.

I will wait for a while and then I think I will just sell some of them and keep the rest.

I don't think this thread idea is working on Bellazon anyway...

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