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  1. Can I post this on @helenachristensencovers ?
  2. So stunning! looks like a great editorial in the making...
  3. such a beautiful cover...
  4. No idea... She hasn't walked a show in New York for a long long time...
  5. Dolce & Gabanna Alta Moda 2019 vogue.com
  6. I mean uber stunning or what?
  7. Definitely Bill Blass Fall 1991;-)
  8. Thank you for all the fabulous photos ❤️
  9. so cool... never seen it. thank yoU!
  10. Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2019 www.rag-bone.com
  11. love love love every single shot... sadly, this is just digital but just soooo beautiful...
  12. Thank you so much. How crazy that she landed two glossy covers during the same month in the same country;-)
  13. Tatler Russia February 2019 Photos by Jan Welters www.tatler.ru
  14. ELLE Russia February 2019 Greg Lotus - Photographer Vadim Galaganov - Fashion Editor/Stylist Gianluca Mandelli - Hair Stylist Carolina Dali - Makeup Artist Jackie Saulsbery - Manicurist Elena Serova - Producer Helena Christensen - Model www.models.com
  15. I thought she looked sensational...
  16. wow she really loves these shoes...
  17. WOW! Doesn't she look amazing and hooooot!!!
  18. To be honest, I would not worry about it...
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