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Your favourite movie posters


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Btw, I like the "Star Wars" one :D

Never a good sign when the poster is the best thing about the movie! :pinch:

Despite the poster, Star Wars is also a good film :o I've watched all episodes :hehe:

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Here are mine :)

th_e07a2390977825.jpg/monthly_04_2010/post-21823-0-1446023620-00148_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2860716" alt="post-21823-0-1446023620-00148_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="142.99"> th_7393bc90977829.jpg/monthly_04_2010/post-21823-0-1446023621-75635_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2860728" alt="post-21823-0-1446023621-75635_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="142.93"> post-21823-0-1446023621-78185_thumb.jpg

More to come ...

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