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Guess The Game Screenshot

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same rules different game

if you don't know the rules already...

-guess the game from the screen shot

-if the guess turns out to be correct you may post a screen shot

so the others may have their turn

-If no one can guess the game correctly within two days, the poster must provide clue(s)

When a guess has been made and the poster does not confirm the guess within 2 days, someone should PM the poster to remind them to stop by this thread.

soooo...here we go:


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Well alot of other games look alike :p

This is tougher than i thought it would be


- "sequel" to probably the first proper racing simulator for GT for PC. This is a simulator, not an arcade. And it only has to do with GT racing.

- released in 2006

- very few people play this game because of its realism, it's simply too tough for a regular video game racer.

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