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Gio Ott


Born: November 17, 1986

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Brown

Measurements 34"-24"-34.5" (US)

Dress size 2 US

Shoe size 8 US

post-35954-0-1446066877-83086_thumb.jpg post-35954-0-1446066877-83483_thumb.jpg post-35954-0-1446066877-85624_thumb.jpg

post-35954-0-1446066877-8623_thumb.jpg 88ce5664750126.gif post-35954-0-1446066877-86673_thumb.jpg

post-35954-0-1446066877-88104_thumb.jpg post-35954-0-1446066877-90538_thumb.jpg post-35954-0-1446066877-93754_thumb.jpg

9b7dd364750131.gif post-35954-0-1446066877-95792_thumb.jpg

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gorgeous face. I would love to see more from her

but she looks a little older (maybe 25/26) if she is just starting out.

and not to be negative, but those most certainly cannot be her real measurements

her hips and bust look much bigger than 34ish.

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Stunning :woot:

She looks Armenian to me btw, but it's just a guess... And her name doesnt sound all that Armenian.

Thanks for all the pics :flower:

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