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Mathias Lauridsen


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Hi guys,

I got the Missoni catalogue yesterday :yes: . I wanted to scan it but sorry not only my computer is trash :x ( I am saving money for a new one) my scanner is also trash :x :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: .

Means I have to go to Saturn ( not the planet ) and buy a new scanner . Last time iI was there I saw that scanners are cheap and I can afford it :yes: . I hope a new scanner and my trashy computer are going to work together :trout: .

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Hi facemaker, :wave:

got your message.

You are a great friend :heart: :heart: :heart: . I think we are a good team working for Mathias and I love this European - Asian cooperation :heart: :heart: :heart: .

Still hope all nations and all people on earth are going to be friends. I think we also started this on this international forum. The American elections gave a little hope !

:flower: :Flower: :flower:

A smilie for love and peace would be great!

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hey mathias fans, :wave: heard there was a debate between Mathias and Taylor F?...im a big fan of mathias, his work is at many times impeccable, and he has a fantastic collection of editorials..he certainly crossed boundaries when he set the high standard, but mr taylor fuchs will always be my favorite for sure :heart:

you guys are really good at posting on this thread! theres ALWAYS something new...wish some of you awesome posters would post on taylors sometime :laugh: but i know mathias comes first :blush:

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