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  1. Lyon

    Happy Birthday :)

  2. Nic

    merci !!!!!!!

  3. Lyon

    Bon anniversaire ^_^

  4. Hey hi everybody, sorry, I posted nothing since a long time, but I always keep up with the Mathias' news thanks to this forum... Thank you Munichmarty for supporting it with such involvement. I am always impressed by Mathias's perfection, his work, his talent... and this forum is the only way to know his last news and to see again his most beautiful pictures ! Thanks to everybody who makes this forum alive Maybe you've already seen it: here a video I made few months ago about my two favorite models, Mathias Lauridsen and Freja Beha... For me they are the most perfect and stylish models in the world!!! It is only made of famous pictures and videos of ML and FB, sorry, nothing new... I advise you to watch it in HD quality... Enjoy this travel in cosmos... :Dinah:
  5. Thank you Munichmarty ! I don't understand Danish, but it is so great to see Mathias , even briefly !!!
  6. BRAVO Munichmarty for your 1000 posts !!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say a big THANK-YOU... You're my saviour !
  7. Hi NIc,

    not so good time.

    Now as the summer started I got a lot of work and still don

  8. Hi Munichmarty,

    thank you for your mail. All's going well, but I miss Mathias. I wish he could take part in all the shows of the world !!! We don't see him enough : bloody fashion managers !

    I hope for your part you have a good time.

    Kiss, nico

  9. Hi Nic,

    Hope you are okay.

    Kiss Munichmarty

  10. HI Nic,

    Not enough spare time, hope you got enough time to dream of Mathias :)

  11. Hey Munichmarty!!!

    Thanks for your comment...

    I have not enough spare time currently, but I am always with you on this great forum!!!

    I would like to think that Mathias visits it sometimes…

    Lots of kisses


  12. Glad that you are here again.

    I missed you!

  13. My list of candidats models : Mathias Mathias Mathias and, of course, Mathias The male model world has no value without him at the head of...
  14. Lyon

    Happy Birthday ;)

  15. Welcome weisscross !!!! Your drawing aryundomiel is amazing ! And of course, thanks Munichmarty for the pics
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