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Nail Polish


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I love nail polish and almost every color of it . It's an accessory that can complete an outfit or just help you express your mood... feeling dark slap on "Lincon Park After Dark" by Opi.

what are your favourite brands and where do you buy them?

:ninja: and by any chance does anyone have experience ordering opi from ebay or any other website (i.e. transdesign or 8ty8beauty) ??

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Hah, I'm not addicted from nail polish, but, I have to admit that recently I polish my nails more often than I used to.

And, while some time ago I would just put a neutral colour, now I am really crazy about fuchsia and yellow...

I have fuchsia nail polish from Manhattan (it's good) and yellow nail polish from Avon (honestly, I just tried it once so far, and I ordered this colour because I really liked how it can contrast... well, I got the idea from Pixie Lott's "Boys and girls" music video :p ), but I was either in hurry or that nail polish really sucks cause it didn't look smooth etc. on my nails :dontgetit:

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I looove nailpolish. It's one of my favorite accessories, if you can call it that. I really like blood red and neon colors and black is cool too. I have this one shade called Shooting Star by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear; it's a pretty blue with TONS of sparkles in it. :D It's for sure one of my faves, and my friend bought it for me for $3 at Target! :)

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I've cut my nails :cry: they got chipped lol :laugh: now you have to wait till they grown again :p

It's been like a month, let's see em there pretty lady :whistle:

And now Ya i have seen you :ninja: So i can call you pretty :p HA

As for Seeing my nails, well.... Being a guy, i dun't pay attention to them. The only time you'll see mine is if a certain BZ member (or two <_<) Decide i need em painted :cain:

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