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Just for you Matt- it's Stana Katic. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1065664/- not much info on her tho :( . In general IMDB is awesome any info about movies, shows and actors/actresses can usually be found. You can even get the fake "working" title of films, that way when you see them filming on the streets, you know the Real Film's name. Enjoy!

she is hot :sex:

but I'm still pissed that they killed Tony :cry:

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why is this thread so dead! :(

anyone been following 24 season 6? (the latest episode is episode 21)

gotta LOOVE 24. sooo smart. and nadia yassir is hot, not sure wat her real name is though.

go check out tv-links.co.uk ---> they have amazing quality for the eps 21 video.

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I watched, hum kind of watch Lol. But I followed the last one and the very end is very crappy, compared to the onther one season finale. Audrey should have die or something ^^ Not that I want her dead but something should have happened. My Bf and I thought Jack was about to commit suicide XD

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