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  1. hey i know this is a huge favour to ask.. but can someone upload this on megaupload/mediafire instead please?? rapidshare doesnt work for my country
  2. yay thanks for the photos guys! :D
  3. back 1. claudia schiffer 2. christy turlington 3. veronika varekova 4. polina kouklina 5. heloise guerin 6. edita vilkeviviute eyes 1. megan ewing 2. janeta stamp 3. maryna linchuk 4. polina kouklina 5. josie maran 6. shannan click
  4. take care cooperishot, speedy recovery to you! thanks M--- its a new sig.
  5. yea.. i thought caroline was the tallest.. but it does look like she's wearing flats, cant really tell =/
  6. i prefered her with long hair though..!
  7. :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: hubba hubba :yuckky: :yuckky:!
  8. wat is yesterday's episode? episode 11 Romans Holiday? what happened to Gossip Girl? i've been waiting for episode 12 to be put online for the past 2 weeks but so far nothing.. is it put on hold or smth? its not airing in my country, so i barely have any news of it.. any one has an idea?
  9. yay glad to see so many Chantal fans here! i agree, Jenah takes stunning photos. Chantal's photos arent always stunning but to me they're mostly better than Saleisha's.. its just runway that Saleisha i better at compared to the both of them.. such a pity Chantal didnt win i thought she had the whole package - great photos, good walk, sweet personality! cant wait for the next ANTM to be out! p.s sorry for my slow reaction to the outcome of the competition.. i only just finished watching ANTM 9 :x
  10. Ale x2 Gisele x1 ale has mostly been about vs, whereas for gisele she's been doing alot of other stuff (high end fashion) as well, so when i think of her i dont really think of vs immediately.. so yup.
  11. wow she's really pretty glad she did vsfs show!
  12. amazing thanks. love the chanel ones!
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