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4 hours ago, Bloodshot said:

It seems like she needs to find a new career if she's can't get paying jobs through her Manager/Agent/Agency and has to resort to gouging her fans directly.  I just don't get it.

She'd be making money if she actually listens to what her fans want. Just look at Rachel Cook.

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Seems a good cause and not just a making money issue, if these are actually physical prints with a limited signed number. Though it would probably earn more if she added something for the lower budgets too.


I miss books nowadays from the photographers or models (look at the books or DVDs about Laetitia Casta for example). So many talents (and i include the photographers here like Cameron Hammond, Kesler Tran and others i would like to see more of classically published) are lost in the instagram jungle or hidden away between patreon or personal homepage paywalls (with prices more fitting for physical products than digital stuff). If you look at Treats magazine, you can see it done a tad more successfull...physical orders are more expensive than digital and rise in price when sold out. Digital prices are mostly stable there.


There is a whole different audience between any kind of digital product and an actual printed magazine or book or calendar. Having this instagram censorship teasers is neither doing justice to the photographers, the models, the artistic approach and the final product. It is a nice to have in addition, but not as a replacement.

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