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  1. Where did you get this? Her website says her photos come out Oct 1?
  2. She'd be making money if she actually listens to what her fans want. Just look at Rachel Cook.
  3. $250 for prints of pictures from previous sets. She's really out of touch.
  4. What do you mean uncovered nipples? Can you please elaborate? Are the nudes coloured?
  5. I bought those sets. They were all non-nude and, honestly, bland. Her Sports Illustrated shoots were 10x better than those sets. I'm not asking for someone to post the whole album. I just want to know if the new album has nudes and if it's worth buying. Her previous ones were absolutely not worth $30. Heck, not even $5 given the content other models are offering out there. The photos looked like TFP shots.
  6. Has anyone bought the new set? Are there nudes? I'm considering buying it if there's nudes like the older sets
  7. That was in the original pre-order set. Most likely exactly the same. It's just marketing
  8. I can't believe I paid $30 for that... the preview pic was the most revealing in the set.
  9. You got the newest set? I haven’t gotten mine yet 😡
  10. Well I’m not here to argue. Just trying to know if people got theirs. Just really annoying because this is not her first time selling pics and I even did a pre-order.
  11. True. Gen needs to understand that people post the pics because people are disgruntled. They’re too expensive for what you get. If they were priced appropriately, more people would buy them.
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